Our Goals

The alliance has three main goals to improve aircraft modification challenges, this goals can be achieved through various initiatives that aim to create a transparent, distinct and independent market for aircraft retrofits.

IAMA goals

  • STC has value
  • STC incorporates methods to ensure safety and integrity
  • STC incorporates methods to preserve asset value
  • Predictable standards throughout the value chain
  • Connect members to combine their strength
  • High standards adressing pains e.g. worldwide transferability
  • Audits to ensure sustainability and reliability
  • Visionary and strong community

IAMA wants to eliminate the STC stereotype and educate our members' customers to the fact that some modifiers provide a product with quality equal to the manufacturer. Through standards and auditing of our members, IAMA will help our members' customers find the modifiers that meet their individual quality requirements.

Marc Haycock
Envoy Aerospace, Partner, April 2nd 2019

IAMA Key Initiatives

The main objectives of IAMA are to agree to common standards for the documentation and quality of Supplemental Type Certificates, to establish an available, secure documentation platform for airline customers and aircraft owners using STCs, and to inform the relevant public and expert communities about the advantages of STC-approved solutions.

In addition, value retention and reliable life-cycle support are essential factors for aircraft operators and owners. IAMA jointly develop transparent standards that will help our customers make the right decisions.

Andreas Gherman
Head of the Design Organization at Lufthansa Technik