About IAMA

We at IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance, are advocates and supporters of member companies in the aircraft retrofit modification market.

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A group of significant players in the aviation industry are cooperating to form a new alliance in the field of aircraft modification.

As leading companies in the retrofit industry, EAD Aerospace, Envoy Aerospace, Etihad Airways Engineering and Lufthansa Technik have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance (IAMA).

IAMA aims to encourage aircraft owners and operators to modify and modernise their fleets through implementation of retrofit programs that apply IAMA standards, irrespective of which IAMA members provide the engineering services.

The IAMA Team

Managing Director of IAMA

Nicole Noack

Alliance Manager of IAMA

Annelouise van Dijke

IAMA Technical Affairs Manager

Dimitrios Tsirangelos (SeaTec)

IAMA’s Executive board members

Under the future IAMA entity the Executive Board will get elected for the association within the first General Assembly.

Eclipse Technics

Marc Pinault
CEO Eclipse & Eclipse Technics
Chairman of the Board

Etihad Engineering

Bernhard Randerath
Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation

Envoy Aerospace

Mark Haycock
Partner Envoy Aerospace

Lufthansa Technik AG

Henning Jochmann
Senior Director Aircraft Modification

Fokker Services

Erik Geertsema
Vice President Business & Strategy Development

Our Organization

IAMA is a non-profit association, to get to know more you will find the Articles of Association and Bylaws here:

IAMA Articles of Association

IAMA Terms of Reference - Association

IAMA Code of Conduct & Competition Compliance Guidelines

IAMA Terms of Reference - Membership

IAMA Sponsoring


If you want to learn more about our goals and the IAMA Working Groups supporting our goals please have a look here.