About IAMA

We at IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance, are advocates and supporters of member companies in the aircraft retrofit modification market.

Powered by expertise

A group of significant players in the aviation industry are cooperating to form a new alliance in the field of aircraft modification.

As leading companies in the retrofit industry, EAD Aerospace, Envoy Aerospace, Etihad Airways Engineering and Lufthansa Technik have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance (IAMA).

IAMA aims to encourage aircraft owners and operators to modify and modernise their fleets through implementation of retrofit programs that apply IAMA standards, irrespective of which IAMA members provide the engineering services.

Our Mission

We work together for a transparent, distinct and independent market for aircraft retrofits that offers more choice for operators and added value for the aviation industry. Our alliance is open to all market participants including aircraft manufacturers, airlines, suppliers and lessors, because we are convinced that a strong and transparent retrofit market will benefit everyone.

Aircraft modifications, such as the installation of new cabins, connectivity solutions or avionics systems can be approved and documented through a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) offered by providers such as the IAMA members.

The alliance addresses customer concerns with regard to documentation, data availability and a worldwide customer support network across different regulatory systems with various national authorities.

The main objectives of the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance are to agree to common standards for the documentation and quality of Supplemental Type Certificates, to establish an available, secure documentation platform for airline customers and aircraft owners using STCs, and to inform the relevant public and expert communities about the advantages of STC-approved solutions.

STCs are a fast, cost-efficient way to provide modifications, and IAMA is a promising approach to address the critical points of documentation simplicity and continued after-sales support.

Bernhard Randerath
Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation of Etihad Airways Engineering

The IAMA Team

Managing Director of IAMA

Nicole Noack

IAMA Manager

Annelouise van Dijke

IAMA’s Executive board members

Under the future IAMA entity the Executive Board will get elected for the association within the first General Assembly.

EAD Aerospace

Marc Pinault
CEO Eclipse & EAD Aerospace

Delegate: Patrick Gindre
Sales director

Envoy Aerospace

Mark Haycock
Partner Envoy Aerospace

Delegate: Adrian Honer
Partner Envoy Aerospace

Etihad Airways Engineering

Bernhard Randerath
Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation

Delegate: Frederic Dupont
Vice President Technical Sales and Customer Service

Lufthansa Technik AG

Henning Jochmann
Senior Director Aircraft Modification

Delegate: Andreas Gherman
Head of Design Organization

IAMA’s Working groups

Various working groups on different topics are being established within IAMA in order to create a transparent, distinct and independent market for aircraft retrofits.

STC Standard working group

The IAMA STC Standard working group is to simplify the STC projects lifecycle from the customers point of view, establish standards for a predictable quality throughout the life-cycle and endorse the STC by having an IAMA STC brand, which increases the STC advantages and reduced the risk of independent modifications.

Members of the working group

  • Adrian Honer, Partner @Envoy Aerospace
  • Arthur Reekers, Airworthiness/Certification Engineer @GKN Fokker Services
  • Dilek Senay Yazici, Head of Airworthiness @Etihad Engineering
  • Dirk van Os, Chief engineer @GKN Fokker Services
  • Ingo Krauß, Design Engineer @Euro-Composites
  • Karl Bock, Principal Design Engineer @Lufthansa Technik AG
  • Paul Johnson, head of DOA/POA @Carlisle IT

Steering head:
Romain Mbwang Seppoh
Head of Design organisation @EAD Aerospace

Certification & Authority Affairs working group

The Certification & Authority Affairs working group is to gain recognition from and establish good relations with key authorities (EASA, FAA, TCCA, etc.) and to support solutions for easier STC transferability.

Members of the working group

  • Adrian Honer, partner @Envoy Aerospace
  • Dagmar Elten, Head of quality Management Design Organisation @Lufthansa Technik AG
  • Dennis Santamaria, Head of Airworthiness @Euro-Composites
  • Eric Anderson, Director of Engineering and Certification @Carlisle IT
  • Rick Visser, Manager Office of Airworthiness @GKN Fokker Services
  • Romain Mbwang Seppoh, Head of Design Organisation @EAD Aerospace

Steering head:
Dilek Senay Yazici
Head of Airworthiness @Etihad Engineering

IAMA community and aligned information campaign working group

The IAMA Community and aligned information campaign working group is too educate about value of the STC and educate to overcome common risk prejudices by teaching methods used to reduce or eliminate risk. In parallel the community is seen to increase business between members by knowing members strengths and capabilities. In no case, IP of a member will be shared.

Members of the working group

  • Christophe Guillemin, Programs & Operations Director @EAD Aerospace
  • Ellen Newton, Brand & Content Marketing Specialist @GKN Fokker Services
  • Marco Wagendorp, Business Development Manager Engineering Services @GKN Fokker Services
  • Matt Haycock, Operations Manager @Envoy Aerospace
  • Patrick Hengels, Manager Business development @Euro-Composites
  • Shevantha Kamil Weerasekera, Head of Engineering @Etihad Airways Engineering

Steering head:
Thomas Frercksen
Manager Strategic Projects @ Lufthansa Technik AG

Intellectual property & OEM Affairs working group

IAMA and its member respect the individual IP rights of all stakeholders in the retrofit market. The purpose of the Working Group “Intellectual Property & OEM Affairs” is to reflect and discuss inefficiencies in current IP handling processes to work on future common practices between IAMA members and stakeholders.

Members of the working group

  • Bernhard Randerath, Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation @Etihad Airways Engineering
  • Dirk van Os, Chief Engineer @GKN Fokker Services
  • Frans van de Pol, Director Engineering @GKN Fokker Services
  • Jeff Behlendorf, Director of Product Management, Integrated Products @Carlisle IT
  • Marc Pinault, CEO Eclipse Satcom @EAD Aerospace
  • Mark Haycock, Partner @Envoy Aerospace
  • Henning Jochmann, Senior Director Aircraft Modification @Lufthansa Technik AG

Steering head:
Nicole Noack