This alliance is a positive step towards addressing the challenges that customers face with STC solutions today.

Bernhard Randerath
Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation of Etihad Airways Engineering

In addition, value retention and reliable life-cycle support are essential factors for aircraft operators and owners. IAMA jointly develop transparent standards that will help our customers make the right decisions.

Andreas Gherman
Senior Advisor Authority Relations at IAMA

We enable aircraft operators to decide objectively and independently on the best possible modification solution for their fleet – regardless of a specific provider.

Thomas Rueckert
Head of Base Maintenance and Aircraft Modification at Lufthansa Technik

The aftermarket modifier ecosystem needed a 'home' to discuss our challenges and best practices, to improve our services by delivering a common message to the market. Together, we have the objective to shape the future of the STC in the aviation world.

Patrick Gindre
Sales Director of Eclipse Technics

We believe that OEMs will also benefit from becoming members of IAMA, which is open to all modification providers.

Bernhard Randerath
Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation of Etihad Airways Engineering

IAMA will be a collaborative and knowledgeable reference and voice to regulators and standardization committees regarding how STCs efficiently fulfil these obligations. The alliance will foster proportionate and adapted regulations, and jointly develop and provide the optimal tools to its members.

Romain Mbwang Seppoh
Head of Airworthiness at Eclipse Technics

The affiliation will provide our members with a significant voice to resolve issues that affect retrofit certification approvals. Our involvement in IAMA reflects our commitment to our customers, present and future, to be a leader in retrofit aircraft certification quality.

Adrian Honer
partner and ODA Lead Administrator at Envoy Aerospace, LLC

STCs are a fast, cost-efficient way to provide modifications, and IAMA is a promising approach to address the critical points of documentation simplicity and continued after-sales support.

Bernhard Randerath
Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation of Etihad Airways Engineering

IAMA will offer its members mentorship and counselling to deal with these challenges, especially when dealing with regulatory agencies and the industry at large.

Marilyn Feigl
partner and ODA Administrator at Envoy Aerospace

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IAMA Memberships

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Business Involvement Experienced Major STC Dev e.g. DOA or ODA (STC), FAR/CS25 Aircrafts OEM active in aftermarkt STC Dev e.g. DOA or ODA (STC), FAR/CS25 Aircrafts Airlines/Operators & Lessors
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Number of members 20 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Obligation of active involvement yes no no no
Commitment to Standard yes no yes no

Category: Association Benefits

Participate in General Assemby yes yes yes yes, upon invitation
Voting Rights / Influence yes via Advisory Board no no
Executive Board +2 seats +1 seat no no
Participate in Working Groups yes yes no on invitation
Apply for new working group yes yes no no
Benefit from IAMA Marketing yes yes yes yes

All kinds of commercial and business aviation stakeholders may join the alliance through different types of membership. Please use the below form to complete the online application.

If you want to know more about the different membership categories or get a better insight into the most appropriate membership for your organization, do not hesitate to contact us at

IAMA Memberships benefits

IAMA Members can benefit from various elements such as:

  • The IAMA community and the educational information that is being developed
  • The IAMA Standard we develop within our rulebook securing a high quality STC project
  • The future IAMA Document platform where all STC documentation can be uploaded and accessed by the receiver of the STC

Category: IAMA community & aligned information campaign

IAMA Info Statements Download yes yes yes yes
IAMA Member Profile listing yes yes yes no
IAMA Members Product & STC list yes yes no no
IAMA Member Knowledge Base yes yes no yes
IAMA Member Event & Panels yes yes no yes

Category: IAMA Rulebook (STC Standard)

IAMA Rulebook Download yes yes yes yes
IAMA Best Practices yes yes no no
IAMA Rulebook & Best Practices Development yes yes no on invitation

Reduced Flexible Membership 2022

add. Costs
N/A add. Costs N/A

Category: IAMA Document platform

IAMA STC Upload and access yes yes add. Costs Access only

Be an influencer.

Participate & Shape in IAMA working groups.


Understand the hidden pains and demands from aftermarket customers and develop solutions together with all stakeholders. Benefit from higher reputation and risk minimized STC approach to place yourself as quality provider.

IAMA empowers the STC by education.
Use the IAMA educational content to emphazise your sales approach.

Strengthen yourself as an industry expert and market your expertise by contribution in IAMA Working Groups. Place yourself as valuable partner amongst the IAMA members. Benefit from IAMA members industrial knowledge to extend your own capabilities – find potential new partners to increase your business.

Meet customer expectations by single-source handover of your STC documents to your customers.

Online Membership Request Form

If your business is involved in the Retrofit Market or you are an Airline or a Lessor looking for answers on Independent Aircraft Modifications then you are eligible to become an IAMA Member.

Our main memberships are as followed:

  • Full or Basic Membership for Design Organisations
  • Advisory Membership for Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Free Subscriber for Airlines and Lessors

Please complete the form to request all relevant information to become an IAMA Member. We will answer your request as soon as possible and look forward to have you as part of the alliance.


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