Research & Education

At IAMA, our mission is to address uncertainties in the Aircraft Modification industry. To do so, we develop educational content and collaboratively discuss topics within our IVTTs

As part of IAMA's mission, we aim to gather and address uncertainties and point out solutions for the industry through our dedicated initiatives.

We research on raised industry uncertainties and pain points in aircraft modification to publish educational material with the target  to shed light on root causes and provide measures to master the challenges.

We like to exchange ideas on industry issues with market participants and concerned stakeholders within our virtual think tanks as we believe that collaborative working is beneficial to all.


Research & Education

We have developed a large scale of papers, from de-modification to the maintainability of your supplemental type certificate.

To develop those papers, we closely analyze identified industry ambiguities and hurdles in aircraft modification to publish educational material and position papers to give insight into root causes and provide measures to overcome the obstacles.

If you would like to raise a topic, do not hesitate to contact us via

IAMA Virtual Think Tank

The IAMA virtual Think Tank, IVTT, is a series of web-based events where industry stakeholders actively discuss industry challenges in a virtual exchange format.

Each of our virtual think tanks contains presentations on a defined topic provided by IAMA or 3rd party experts, interactive discussions with panelists, and active involvement of the IVTT participants.

The participation is free for IAMA members, Airlines, and Lessors. Further participation is kept on invitation only.