Research & Education

At IAMA, our mission is to address uncertainties in the Aircraft Modification industry. To achieve this, we are continuously developing educational resources and collaboratively discussing important topics in our Virtual Think Tank events.

A part of IAMA's mission is to gather and analyse uncertainties and challenges. We help address them by identifying industry solutions through a range of dedicated initiatives.

We seek-out and research aircraft modification industry uncertainties and pain points to publish educational materials. our goal is to shed light on root causes and tp provide measures to overcome and master the challenges.

We believe that collaborative work benefits all. This is why we like to exchange ideas on industry issues with market participants and concerned stakeholders through our IAMA Virtual Think Tanks (IVTT) events.


Research & Education

We have developed a wide range of resources, including white papers and position papers on topics ranging from the de-modification process to the maintainability of your supplemental type certificates (STC).

Our experts closely analyze stakeholder-identified industry ambiguities and hurdles in aircraft modification. We develop and publish educational white papers, position papers and other guidance that provides measures to overcome the obstacles.

Have a topic in mind we haven't already addressed? Contact us with your ideas at


IAMA Virtual Modification Talks

IAMA virtual Modification Talks, IVMT’s, are our web-based meeting program where industry stakeholders can get together and learn about specific modification topics via videoconference.

Each of our virtual modification talks incorporates a presentation on a defined topic, provided by IAMA or third-party experts. Active involvement and questioning of the IVMT participants are a great way to learn about industry and aircraft modification challenges.

The upcoming IVMT’s can be found in our event section of the news & media page.