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In many aircraft modification projects, the data is often developed by several 3rd party suppliers. One of IAMA’s main objectives is promoting transparency in the market, which is why our approach to the topic of data sharing elaborates on the frictions that can arise during a modification project

When a lessor or an airline operator decides they want to transfer an aircraft at the end of their lease, the new lessee or operator may find themselves in the difficult position of having to ask the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) owner for the right to continue to use the STC for any modification

A typical STC process is complex and has many phases and stakeholders, but once the respective aviation authorities become the focus of activity, questions about the project timeline and costs may arise. Subject experts of IAMA are in constant effort to enlighten stakeholders on how to mitigate risk in these situations.

Every airlines operator who has had to remove a Supplemental Type Certificate modification from their aircraft will have a deep appreciation for the complexity involved. De-modification as it’s known, also presents significant challenges to lessors and modifiers.

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