IAMA Rulebook

The IAMA Rulebook, our most important resource, defines the requirements that guide IAMA members towards higher quality modification throughout a modification's life cycle.


The IAMA Rulebook

The IAMA Rulebook’s purpose is to guide IAMA members towards higher quality modifications and to implement a streamlined STC project life cycle from their customer’s point of view. The Rulebook demonstrates a clear set of rules and an efficient path through a modification’s full life cycle. Endorsed STCs must comply with the Rulebook’s directives for a member to be authorized to affix and display the IAMA STC Label.

The Rulebook contains operational and functional rules that define a commonly-agreed framework which covers the whole modification life cycle. It describes standards and best practices that enable predictable quality. And it clarifies a modification’s processes and attributes with respect to the needs of airline operators and aircraft owners.

Compliance with the IAMA Standard is ensured through regular audits. The IAMA member documents and provides evidence that they have performed the relevant processes and provided the associated deliverables in accordance with the Rulebook in the following areas:

- project management

- engineering and certification

- quality assurance and management

- supply chain and logistics

- sales and procurement, and

- after-sales and customer support


IAMA encourages all members to abide by the Rulebook not only for STC modifications but also for other modifications, including but not limited to minor changes.

Questions & Answers on IAMA Rulebook

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Market Demands

Operators and lessors face many obstacles during the STC process. One of IAMA’s goals is to help reduce the number of challenges. To support the achievement of this goal, IAMA’s experts collect the needs and challenges you might face, which then becomes guidance in the IAMA Rulebook

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